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Radiation - "This doesn't look like fireworks."

​輻射 - "這看起來不像是煙火。"


"This doesn't look like fireworks."


This series originated from the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the images were created from news reports about missile bombings, test launches, or civilian rocket documentaries. The subjects include: Russian attack on Ukraine, Iraq war, SpaceX rocket, Israeli Iron Dome air defense system, and documentaries of missile development.


Regarding the title: Radiation series originated from the use of different spectral photography in order to take the same advantage of medical staining of cells, or the use of the colors of thermal image, to enhance the existing image for analysis. The sub-series title came from a witness exclaiming "This doesn't look like fireworks" when recording a missile flicking through the clouds overhead. Another reason comes from the artist's own experience of watching fireworks: similar explosions. The only difference is the motivation that drives the technology forward: to create peace, or to destroy.


Because of censorship restrictions on video platforms or open internet distribution, most of the information available to most people is from the last moments or results of the crisis, not the war itself. We are experiencing a virtual war on the screen, and the real war can only exist in the imagination, in the fireworks flying overhead. It's also true for the artist to have some degree of fantasy of the war, even though he is also located in a small country, in a similar situation, Taiwan.




此系列起源於 2022 年二月俄羅斯侵略烏克蘭時, 藝術家在 youtube 上透過國際媒體所播報烏克蘭邊境與首都遭遇飛彈轟炸的影片而有所感觸, 並且著手創作。圖像的內容皆為從新聞報導中擷取有關飛彈轟炸, 研發試射, 或民用火箭等相關影像。所擷取的影片主題包含: 俄羅斯攻打烏克蘭, 伊拉克戰爭, SpaceX 載運火箭, 以色列鐵穹防空系統, 與飛彈發展紀錄片等。


關於作品命名: "Radiation" 系列起源於使用不同光譜拍攝, 或對現有影像進行染色工程, 以期利用如同醫學上對細胞體染色, 或是使用熱感應圖像的色彩, 對於現有影像加強以利於分析和判讀。而此子系列命名來自於某個民眾在紀錄飛彈竄過頭頂雲層時所發出的驚呼: "這看起來不像是煙火吧"。命名的另一個原因也來自於藝術家自身觀看煙火的經驗: 熟悉的爆炸聲響。唯一不同的是驅動著科技向前翱翔的動機: 創造和平, 抑或是毀滅。


關於戰地體驗, 大眾媒體所報導的來源不外乎戰地記者的影像, 與當地民眾的攜帶器材拍攝的影像。因為在影片平台或公開網路撥放的關係有審查的限制, 也因為真正的受難時刻通常不允許被害者進行詳細紀錄, 大部人所能獲得的資訊大多是危機來臨前的最後一刻或結果, 而非戰爭本身: 如砲火劃破黑夜天際, 轟隆的聲響讓錄影者撇開相機尋找掩體, 或是上戰場前的相擁而泣。媒體在戰爭中所扮演的角色更像一則預言或報告, 暗示著事情已經發生, 或即將發生。戰爭對於透過網路觀看的觀眾是如此: 我們正在透過媒體, 經歷一場虛擬的戰爭體驗。真正戰爭只存在於幻想之中, 在頭頂飛過的煙火之上。而對於藝術家本身來說也是這樣, 戰爭也僅只存在於某種程度上的幻想之中, 即便身處於類似處境的小國之中, 台灣。


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