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Unnamed Existence

2017 - Ongoing

Can portrait photography departs from the surface of image, which includes many of the social information of the object being taken, to reveal the true essence of Life itself? In this thought, I use infrared thermal image camera to take portrait pictures to get rid of the sociality information from the image: countenance, clothing details and texture, but capture something more basic and physical: body temperature, gesture, and the structure. The thermal image will be further processed by a destructive computer program to enhance the details also the imperfections of the thermal images, to become frenzy digital strokes and chaotic colors to let the existence of the object become unavoidable and inevitable. This way of photography makes me free from the limitation of the visible light to the invisible world which created by the self-emitted light of human beings, or any life body itself. To me, Life itself is an unnamed existence, rather than defined by the surface of gloss.

#Thermal #Digital #Photography #Destructive 

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