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Arron Hsiao is an artist based in Taiwan, using photography as the main media, and using performance art and installation as ways to implement ideas. His topics of art are mainly about the concept and the essence behind the surface of image, and also use art as a critic and introspection about the environment around our lives. Because of his background in the electronics profession, his work also experiments on the digital possibility of art, and searches for the possibility of new photography and new media.

CV : Arron Hsiao  蕭又滋 

Born in 1980, Nantou, Taiwan

Now live in Taipei, Taiwan, as an artist and photographer.



2011  Fotosoft institute of Photography, Taipei, Taiwan.

2004  Master of EE, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan





2015  ≪Star Fall II≫ solo exhibition, MIO Osaka, Japan.

2014  ≪Train Project-Taiwan≫ solo exhibition, Nikon Salon Shinjuku.

2013  ≪ The Demise of a Heavenly Body≫ solo exhibition, Floor 8, Taipei

2011  Sep., ≪ The Umbrella≫ solo exhibition, Fotosoft institute, Taipei, Taiwan.




2016 ≪ Yet Another Gaze≫ , LianZhou Foto, China 

2015  ≪Road Show≫, Dynasty Gallery, Taipei.

2014  ≪ Double Bed Project≫ , Free Art Fair Taipei, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taiwan.

2012  Oct. 27- Nov. 18, ≪ Train Project≫ , group exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Japan

2012  Sep. 18- Oct. 11, ≪ Path≫ , group exhibition, Guardian Garden, Tokyo, Japan.



LICC Art, 2021

MIO Photo Award, 2014

7th 1_wall photo exhibition, 2012

35th Canon New Cosmos of photography, Honorable mention, 2012





NFT Collection : OpenSea NFT

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