Anonymous Existence

2017 - Ongoing

Can photography divorced from the surface of image to reveal the true essence of Life itself?  In this thought, I use invisible light camera : infrared thermal camera to take portrait photos in order to get rid of the social information including countenance, color of skin, clothing details and texture which reflect clues of the hierarchy and race. Thermal image captures features more basic and physical: temperature of the body and the environment, gesture which shows the attitude, and the structure of the image. These images were processed by a digital imaging program intended to destroy pixels, further erasing all information about the details. The imperfections through this process become frenzy and chaotic color digital strokes, and the existence of the object is magnified to be visually unavoidable and inevitable. This way of photography makes me free from the limitation of the visible light to the invisible world created by the self-emitted light of heat of any life form. With the help of mechanical imperfections, or perhaps it should be said that the failure of human-created intelligence has become a work of art, revealing the similarities and the possibilities of dialogue between human and mechanical art - Art comes from imperfection.

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#Thermal #Digital #Photography #Destructive